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Adidas Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitts Set For Kids.


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Perfect for young beginners the Adidas Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitts Set for Kids allows them to enhance their skills. Designed in junior sizing this set includes a pair of gloves and a pair of mitts both crafted from synthetic leather for long-lasting durability. The gloves and mitts feature padded foam to effectively absorb Shock while the mesh material ensures breathability during use. Additionally the set incorporates Adidas AEROREADY technology to efficiently wick away sweat. Finished in a striking Blue and red colour scheme with prominent Adidas branding this set is an excellent choice for aspiring young boxers.

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Perfect for novices this childrens Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitts Set from Adidas enables them to enhance their abilities. Designed for juniors this set includes a set of gloves and a set of mitts both crafted from synthetic leather for long-lasting quality. Equipped with cushioned foam to absorb Impact and featuring mesh for enhanced breathability. Complete with Adidas AEROREADY technology to effectively eliminate sweat this set is adorned in a Blue and red colour scheme showcasing the Adidas logo.

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Adidas Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitts Set For Kids.