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Interflora (Interflora delivers expertly handcrafted floral arrangements and gift hampers)

Interflora is a name that's globally renowned, representing the unique emotions and messages that only flowers can articulate.

Not just the world's largest flower and gift delivery service, Interflora operates in nearly 150 countries through a network of 50,000 local florists. Of these, 700 are located right here in Australia, from our cities to regional towns and the bush. We're also the world's most enduring flower delivery network, with a global history spanning over a century. Here in Oz, for close to 70 years, the go-to source for the broadest range of floral gifts and hampers, delivering to more Aussie locations than any other service in this sector.

Since their founding, the Mercury Man symbol has been globally acknowledged as a mark of speedy delivery and top-quality, handcrafted floral gifts. A florist displaying this emblem is instantly recognised as offering floral and hamper products that are backed by the world's leading gift delivery brand.

Interflora provide floral arrangements, gift baskets, and presents, just about anywhere and anytime, for any sort of event.

All orders, whether dispatched within Australia or globally, are coordinated via Interflora's main office in Melbourne. These requests are then forwarded to our network of member florists to guarantee that each bouquet is skillfully crafted by a local floral expert and delivered with utmost care to the recipient. The "Interflora Assurance" backs our commitment, ensuring the freshness, quality, and value of every order they handle.