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Branded and licensed merchandise are unique kinds of products that showcase the logo, name, or other features of a specific brand or intellectual property. These items not only let fans express their love for a brand or character but also offer companies an extra way to make money.

Different Types of Branded and Licensed Merchandise

Clothing - Think t-shirts, caps, and hoodies that sport a brand's emblem or a character from a licensed series. These are a hit among fans who want to wear their passion on their sleeves.

Toys and Keepsakes - From action figures to plush toys based on characters from films, TV shows, or video games, these items are collector's favourites and can even gain value over time.

Office Supplies - Branded notebooks, pens, and other stationery items often serve as promotional giveaways but are also available for purchase in stores.

Home Goods - Imagine sipping your morning coffee from a mug that features your favourite TV character or using a toaster that's branded with a popular logo. These items make everyday tasks a bit more fun.

Tech Gear - Phone covers, laptop bags, and other tech add-ons often come with branding or licensing, blending practical use with a touch of flair.

Sports Stuff - Branded sports equipment like football jerseys or golf balls let fans take their team spirit to the field or the course.

Branded and licensed merchandise offer a tangible way for fans to connect with the things they love. Whether it's a band t-shirt or a mug from a beloved TV show, these items add a sprinkle of identity to daily life.