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Adidas Badge Of Sport Fleece Hoodie Junior


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Layer up in a vintage-inspired look with the Adidas Badge Of Sport Fleece Hoodie Junior. This hoodie designed for juniors offers a standard fit and is crafted from soft fleece in a sleek black shade. It boasts an overhead style complete with a central Kangaroo pocket and a fixed hood for added protection. The hoodie is adorned with ribbed trims contrasting 3-Stripes and the iconic Badge of Sport logo On the chest. For a coordinated outfit matching pants are also available. Conveniently this hoodie is machine washable for easy care.

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Stay warm and stylish with this juniors Badge of Sport Fleece Hoodie from adidas. The hoodie in a classic black colourway is made from soft fleece and has a standard fit. It features an overhead style a central Kangaroo pocket and a fixed hood for added coverage. The hoodie is completed with ribbed trims contrasting 3-Stripes and the iconic Badge of Sport logo On the chest. You can also find matching pants to complete the look. It is machine washable for easy care.

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Adidas Badge Of Sport Fleece Hoodie Junior