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1.8m Pine Needle Artificial Christmas Tree With 586 Branch Tips And A Metal Stand For Decorations.


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Do you dream of having a white Christmas while living in a warm place? This heavy snow-flocked Christmas tree can make your dream come true. Exquisite workmanship and professional design contribute to a lifelike tree like an outdoor tree being kissed by snow. Delicately made from 100 new PVC material, it also offers a safer user experience, without any odour, non-flammable, and non-allergic. Compared with the tree using inferior recycled material, this Christmas tree shows more appealing appearance and gives you a better mood during the holiday. Hinged sections leave you no worry about how to build up this tree. Assembly work takes a few minutes. And to avoid hurting your hands during instilment, we also provide two pairs of gloves so you can enjoy the hands-on fun with your family! Meanwhile, fluffing and shaping the branch tips matters a lot to a lush style, so remember to pay more attention to make the tree look fluffy. Bullet Points - Natural Style with Snow-Flocked Leaves The artificial Christmas tree hinged with numerous branch tips showcases a lush lifelike appearance, to decorate your room with an eye-catching look. Plentiful snow-flocked pine needles let you feel like you are in winter by the world of snow and spend a white Christmas indoors. - 100 New High-Quality PVC Material 100 New PVC material ensures a family-friendly user experience. No odour, non-flammable, and non-allergic, it leaves you no worry about using it safely. Needless to say, compared with similar snow-flocked trees, this Christmas tree distinguishes itself with exquisite workmanship and finer material. - Stable Support with Metal Stand Sturdy metal stand gives the Christmas tree firm support so that the tree can stand there in an upright position all the time. It also comes with an eye bolt which helps you fix the stand and centre pole, to enhance the stability further. There are anti-slip foot pads that protect your floor from being scratched. - Easy to Set up with Less Effort The Christmas tree consists of hinged sections, features super-easy assembly and requires less effort to build. And we have thoughtfully prepared two pairs of gloves for you and your family to enjoy the instilment together. You can also store the disassembled tree as well as the folded stand together when Christmas ends, to reuse them in the next holiday. - Fantastic Decoration in Corner Whether being placed next to the fireplace or any corner in your house, the lush artificial Christmas tree will be a perfect decoration. It will enchant your family and friends while spreading the Christmas spirit. Get into the joyful festive atmosphere, share happiness and bless your beloved ones good luck.

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About 1.8m Pine Needle Artificial Christmas Tree With 586 Branch Tips And A Metal Stand For Decorations. - Crazy Sales

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in a warm climate? This Snow Flocked Christmas Tree can make your dream come true. It has been expertly crafted from 100 new PVC material, which is odourless, non-flammable and non-allergenic, making it safe for the whole family. Compared to trees made from inferior recycled materials, this Christmas tree looks more appealing and will give you a better festive feeling. The hinged sections make assembly a breeze, and two pairs of gloves are included to protect your hands during instilment. The full-bodied shape with 586 branch tips creates a lush, lifelike look, while the snow-flocked pine needles make it look like a winter wonderland. The metal stand ensures the tree stands firmly and securely, while the anti-slip foot pads protect your floors from scratches. Place this beautiful tree in your home, shop, cafe or mall, and spread the Christmas spirit.

Features & Benefits

  • Bring a white Christmas to your home with this heavy snow-flocked Christmas tree. Exquisite workmanship and professional design create a lifelike tree that looks like it has been kissed by snow.
  • Made from 100 new PVC material, this tree is odour free, non-flammable, and non-allergic for a safe user experience.
  • Hinged sections make assembly a breeze and the metal stand helps the tree remain upright. Two pairs of gloves are provided to protect your hands during instilment.

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1.8m Pine Needle Artificial Christmas Tree With 586 Branch Tips And A Metal Stand For Decorations.