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1200W Swimming Pool Pump 23000L/hour


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This efficient water pump controller is compatible with different types of pumps including jet pumps stage pumps and garden pumps. It is a dependable companion for your pumping needs equipped with excellent specifications and features that ensure optimal performance. Its user-friendly design allows for automatic switching of the pump On and off when taps are opened or closed making operation effortless. With its stable performance low maintenance requirements and durability this pump controller surpasses expectations and guarantees long-lasting functionality.

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Suitable for various pumps such as Jet pumps Stage pumps and garden pumps this impressive water pump controller is your reliable working partner. Its packed with great specifications and features that make it perfect. Everything is made easy where it automatically switches your pump on/off On open/closing of any tap. It provides stable performance requires low maintenance and is long lasting; it is one of the few that will exceed your expectations.

Fully Adjustable Digital Electronic Pressure Controller. Switches your pump on/off as water is required. Provides full automatic control of the pump. Provides stable performance. Requires low maintenance. Long lasting. CE, C-tick certified.

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When choosing a water pump for your garden, it is important to consider the size of your garden and the type of water you will be using. If you are using a large garden, you may need a more powerful pump to ensure that the water is evenly distributed. If you are using a smaller garden, a smaller, more efficient pump may be sufficient. Additionally, you should consider the type of water you will be using, as some pumps are designed for fresh water, while others are designed for salt water.

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1200W Swimming Pool Pump 23000L/hour