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1100W Submersible Dirty Water Pump Sump Swim Pool Flooding Pond Clean


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Product: 1100W Submersible Dirty Water Pump Sump Swim Pool Flooding Pond Clean
DescriptionTOPEX 1100W submersible water pump is a stainless steel dirty water pump capable of pumping clean or contaminated water up to 20000 lhr. With its resistant pump housing the submerged pump made of stainless steel withstands even the most extreme weather conditions. The solid submerged pump guarantees an above-average and at the same time maintenance-free service life for water withdrawal from ponds garden wells cisterns or rain barrels as well as for pumping out and recirculating water in swimming pools and whirlpools flooded basements garages and buildingdrainage pits. This high degree of versatility makes the submerged pump an indispensable universal helper for passionate hobby gardeners facility managers homeowners or craftsmen.FeatureUniversal connection for hoses pipes and plug-in systems With the submerged stainless steel pump TOPEX 1100W submersible water pump you can go for "all in one" instead of "either or" when it comes to choosing the connection options. No matter whether you want to connect the pump to a garden hose an existing piping or irrigation system the submersible pump offers almost unlimited compatibility. The submerged pump allows the connection of hoses tubes and plug-in systems with different diameters with and without threaded connections. The reduction required for this is already included in the scope of delivery with various connection sizes.Water can be clean or contaminated. The unit will pass up to 3mm particles. This unit will pump soapy water and water up to 35 degrees Celsius. It is not designed for liquids which are corrosive salty or combustible or heavy liquids such as oil and fats. Septic tanks and other such waste systems cannot be pumped.For self-pumped water and drainage work everywhere The carrying handle integrated in the pump housing makes the high-quality submerged stainless steel pump extremely mobile ideal prerequisites for use at different locations.Flexible all-rounder 360 elbow with Quick-Connect connection The convenient elbow will turn your head. With it hose tube or plug-in systems can be attached to the pump quickly and easily with just one movement and flexibly positioned at any angle. Simply plug it in and remove it again at the push of a button when the work is done.For tough continuous operation or preselectable switch-onswitch-off heightThe powerful submerged waste water pump which is equipped with a watertight encapsulated stainless steel pump housing transports up to 20000 litres of water per hour. With a convenient immersion depth of 7 metres the TOPEX 1100W submersible water pump is recommended for water withdrawal from almost any kind of water reservoir. From a water level of 50 mm the switchless submerged pump equipped with a float starts pumping until the residual water level of max. 40 mm is reached.SpecificationsBrand TOPEXPower 1100WMax Flow Rate 20000 LHMinimum water depth 40mmMaximum submersion depth 7mMaximum pressure of pumped fluid 09barMaximum water temperature 35cMaximum size of pumped dirt 30mmPower cord length 10mPackage Content1 x 1100W Submersible Water Pump1 x Universal Adapter1 x L-Shape Connector1 x User Manualwith 1-year standard warranty Register your product to get 2-YEAR Warranty TCs apply Contact us for more details.

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Once you have selected the right water pump for your garden, it is important to maintain it properly. Regularly check the pump for any signs of wear or damage, and make sure to clean it regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Additionally, you should check the hoses and fittings to ensure that they are properly connected. This will help to ensure that your water pump is working at its optimal level and that your garden is getting the water it needs.

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1100W Submersible Dirty Water Pump Sump Swim Pool Flooding Pond Clean