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11 Degrees Skinny Jeans Junior

11 Degrees

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Update your essential wardrobe with these Skinny Jeans for juniors from 11 Degrees. Crafted from durable denim cotton these slim-fit jeans offer extra stretch for ultimate comfort. They come in a stylish Blue colour with a mid-wash finish. The five-pocket design allows for convenient storage while On the move and the zip fly with button closure ensures a secure fit. Complete with a logo patch On the back waist these jeans are machine washable for easy care.

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Elevate your go-to styles with a modern twist by opting for these Skinny Jeans for juniors from 11 Degrees. Crafted from durable denim cotton with added stretch for ultimate comfort these slim-fit jeans come in a stylish Blue shade with a mid-wash finish. They boast a practical five-pocket design for convenient storage while On the move and a secure zip fly with a button closure. The back waist is adorned with a distinctive 11 Degrees logo patch. These jeans are machine washable for easy care.

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11 Degrees Skinny Jeans Junior