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10M 6B&S 13mm Twin Core Wire 2 Sheath Cable


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Product: 10M 6B&S 13mm Twin Core Wire 2 Sheath Cable
10M 6BS 13mm Twin Core Wire 2 Sheath CableWith its twin core design our B amp S Twin Cable Sheath Wire is one of the best in the market. Comprising pure oxygen-free copper and a highly durable and strong reinforced PVC cover with black sheathing our twin core sheath wire can handle any application with ease and confidence. While ordinary wires has on average capacity our B amp S cable has a higher capacity. And that can make a difference with a good project and a great one. Not least. The wire is waterproof fire-retardant and can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing any of its effective conductivity. The wire is SAA-certified and conforms to strict Australian standards.

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10M 6B&S 13mm Twin Core Wire 2 Sheath Cable