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The Flower Guide to Making Special Occasions Memorable

RedTicket - 2023-11-02

Flowers: Nature's Way of Expressing Emotions

There’s an unparalleled charm in gifting flowers. They express what words often cannot. From the vibrant hues of birthdays to the somber tones of condolences, flowers play a pivotal role in expressing a myriad of emotions.

Choosing the Right Bloom for Every Occasion


While birthdays are generally colourful events, considering the favourite flower or colour of the birthday person can add a personal touch. Brightly coloured tulips or gerberas bring joy and are often associated with celebrations.


Roses, especially red and pink, have always been the go-to for anniversaries. They symbolise love and commitment. However, every year of marriage has a flower associated with it, like daisies for 5 years or daffodils for 10.

Sympathies and Funerals

White lilies, roses, and orchids portray peace and remembrance, making them apt for such somber events. They respectfully convey condolences and support.


Bouquets of mixed flowers, celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of achieving a milestone, make perfect sense. Sunflowers are another great choice, symbolising a bright future ahead.

Births and Baby Showers

Pastel-coloured blooms like pink roses, baby's breath, or blue hydrangeas resonate well with the softness and innocence of a new life.

Romantic Dates

Red roses are classic, but adding a few white ones might signify your pure intentions. Or better yet, opt for the recipient's favourite flowers to show the effort and thought you've put into it.

Freshness Matters

No matter the occasion, ensure the flowers you buy are fresh. They shouldn’t just look the part but should also last a while. Engage with reputed florists who can guarantee the freshness and quality of their blooms.

Personalise Your Message

Including a personal note can make all the difference. It can be a quote, a few lines of poetry, or a simple heartfelt message that amplifies the sentiment behind the flowers.

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