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What to Consider When Buying a Turntable (Record Player)

RedTicket - 2023-11-03

In today's digital age, the classic allure of vinyl records has seen a surprising resurgence. For those eager to explore the realm of analogue sound, selecting the appropriate record player is essential. This guide will assist you in understanding the important aspects and advantages to consider in your decision-making process.

Sound Excellence: The Essence of the Record Player
The main draw for many to invest in a record player is the superior sound quality that vinyl is known for. Seek out record players with top-notch cartridges and needles, as these elements are critical in the quality of sound output. Contemporary record players may also feature adjustable tonearms and anti-skating options to further improve sound clarity.

Drive Mechanism: Belt versus Direct
Record players are predominantly available in two styles: belt-driven and direct-driven. Belt-driven record players typically provide a quieter operation and enhanced sound quality but might need belt replacements over time. Direct-driven players, favoured by DJs, offer more robust torque and quicker start times, making them more resilient.

Integrated Preamp: Streamlining Your Setup
Having an integrated preamp can be a great benefit, particularly for vinyl novices. It streamlines the setup by enabling direct connection of the record player to your speakers or audio system, eliminating the need for a separate preamp.

USB Output: Merging Analogue with Digital
For those looking to convert their vinyl records to digital format, some contemporary record players are equipped with USB ports. This allows for easy connection to a computer, enabling the conversion of your vinyl into digital files.

Playback Speeds: Adaptable Playback Options
The majority of record players provide two playback speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. If your collection includes vintage records that operate at 78 RPM, you'll require a player with an additional speed setting to accommodate these.

Construction and Style: Visual Appeal and Longevity
The construction of a record player isn't solely about looks; it influences performance too. A sturdy, heavier player is less susceptible to vibrations that can degrade sound quality. Many new models boast stylish designs that can enhance the aesthetic of your living space.

Automatic vs Manual Operation: Convenience vs Control
Record players are available in automatic or manual configurations. Automatic players offer ease of use by managing the tonearm's movements for you. Manual players, while needing a more careful touch, provide greater precision and control during use.

Popular Turntable Brands:

  • Audio-Technica
  • Technics
  • Rega
  • Pro-Ject
  • Denon
  • Thorens
  • U-Turn Audio
  • Pioneer
  • Fluance
  • Marantz

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