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Car Maintenance - 7 Simple Checks Anyone Can Do

RedTicket - 2023-11-03

Embrace cost-effective and time-saving strategies with our straightforward car maintenance guide. Simple, do-it-yourself checks for your vehicle's essential components like tyres, fluids, oil, brakes, battery, and lights can be done swiftly, often in under five minutes.

These maintenance tips are intended for general upkeep and should complement, not replace, your car's scheduled professional servicing.

Essential Fluids Check

Regular monitoring of your car's fluid levels can prevent potential problems and ensure optimal performance. Your owner's manual will show you where to find each reservoir and how to check if you need to top up the following:

  • Engine Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid

Oil Level and Quality Assessment

Monthly oil checks are essential. Ensure your car is on level ground and the engine is warm for an accurate reading. Clean the dipstick for a clear level indicator and top up if necessary, especially if it's close to the low mark. If the oil is dark or gritty, consider an oil change.

Tyre Pressure Evaluation

Check your tyre pressure regularly, including the spare, when the tyres are cold for accurate measurements. Refer to your car's placard for the correct PSI or bar pressure levels to maintain tyre safety and efficiency.

Tread Depth and Tyre Health Inspection

Verify that your tyre tread depth exceeds the minimum safety requirement of 1.6mm using the built-in wear indicators. Also, inspect for any damage that could compromise tyre performance or safety.

Lighting System Verification

Ensure all external lights are operational. You can check brake lights by observing their reflection against a wall. Regular checks can avoid fines and ensure safety on the road. Don't forget to test your horn and wipers as well.

Battery Condition Monitoring

Check your battery for any mineral build-up or signs of leakage. Clean any white, crusty deposits with a battery brush to prolong battery life.

Brake System Check

Listen for noise or sluggish response from your brakes, which could indicate the need for maintenance. Regularly test your handbrake's holding power, especially on an incline.

Maintaining your car's tyres, fluids, oil, brakes, battery, and lights with these simple checks can lead to significant savings and ensure your vehicle runs reliably. While these tips are useful for interim care, they are not a substitute for regular, professional servicing. Stay proactive about your car's maintenance to enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience.

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