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(watch my moves) (Vinyl)


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Kurt Vile has announced his tenth studio album, 'watch my moves'. The album is set to be released via Verve Virgin Music Australia. Vile is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Philadelphia. He is known for his work in the psych-pop genre. On 'watch my moves', Vile explores new territory as a songwriter and musician. The album is a reflection of his time spent in one place, while his mind was constantly swirling and dreaming up new songs. The album is set to be released on black vinyl, double gatefold w with 6mm spine.

About (watch my moves) (Vinyl)

Kurt Vile has announced his anticipated tenth studio album 'watch my moves.' The album is Vile's first in partnership with a major label, Verve Records. The album was written, produced, and performed by Vile. It was recorded over the course of two years while Vile stayed in one place. Vile says of the album, "It's about songwriting. It's about lyrics. It's about being the master of all domains in the music." The album is available on 140g 2LP black vinyl. It is double gatefold with 6mm spine.

Features and Benefits

  • Kurt Vile's tenth studio album
  • The album is a vibrant, yet meditative album propelled by Vile's laid-back charm and curious spirit
  • Every lyric has been chiselled down into an aphorism, every bloom of distorted guitar or murmuring synth helping create that fried pop

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Vinyl records are a great way to experience music in a more personal way. Listening to a vinyl record is a much different experience than streaming music on a digital device. With vinyl, you can actually feel the music as it plays. You can also see the artwork on the record sleeve and read the lyrics printed on the back. This makes the experience of listening to vinyl music much more intimate and enjoyable.

(watch my moves) (Vinyl)