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...But Seriously (180gm Vinyl Deluxe Reissue Edition)

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This deluxe reissue of Phil Collins' "...But Seriously" features new artwork and live versions of the tracks. The album was originally released in 1989 and was a huge success, spending 15 weeks at 1 in the UK. Collins has hand-picked the tracks for this reissue, focussing on how the songs have developed over time.

About ...But Seriously (180gm Vinyl Deluxe Reissue Edition)

Phil Collins' ikonic album '...But Seriously' has been re-released as a deluxe 180gm 2LP. The album features many of Collins' biggest hits and was one of its era's biggest selling albums. It spent 15 weeks at 1 in the UK, and four weeks atop the Billboard 200. This edition was curated and compiled by Collins himself, and the artwork has been updated with new photography. The focus of the collection is on the live versions of the tracks, to show how they evolved over time. B-sides have been avoided in favour of demonstrating how the songs developed in a live setting.

Features & Benefits

  • Deluxe 180gm 2LP Reissue Edition of the 1989 album '...But Seriously' featuring many of Collins' biggest hits.
  • The album spent a total of 15 weeks at 1 in the UK and topped the Billboard 200 for four weeks.
  • Compiled by Collins himself, the reissue series contrasts the original studio versions of the material with later performances.
  • The reissues feature bold new artwork in which Collins recreated his poses from the original album covers with new photography.
  • The collections focus on how the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated.

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...But Seriously (180gm Vinyl Deluxe Reissue Edition)