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14 Blades


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The Jinyiwei are a group of elite warriors who have been trained in combat from a young age. They are experts in the use of 14 different blades, and are loyal to the Emperor above all else. When the Emperor's court is taken over by the evil Jia Kar Ying-Law, Qinqlong Donnie Yen is tasked with stealing a list of those who are still loyal to the Emperor. However, he is betrayed by the Jinyiwei and barely escapes with his life. Now a fugitive, Qinqlong must find and rally the loyalists in order to restore the Emperor to power.

About 14 Blades

Qinglong Donnie Yen is tasked with a mission to retrieve a list of those loyal to the Emperor, and in doing so he finds himself betrayed by the very people he was sent to protect. To survive, Qinglong must outwit the evil Jia Kar Ying-Law and the Jinyiwei, a group of highly trained warriors who devote their lives to the service of the Emperor. With the Imperial Court under Jia's control, Qinglong must find a way to rally the loyalists and restore the Emperor to power. He must use his cunning and lethal prowess to stay one step ahead of his enemies and reclaim his rightful place.

Features & Benefits

  • A thrilling storey of betrayal, loyalty and courage set in the Ming Dynasty.
  • Action-packed fight sequences featuring Donnie Yen and the Jinyiwei.
  • A storey of one man's quest to restore the Emperor to power.

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14 Blades