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12 Monkeys - Season 4


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James Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly travel back in time in Season 4 in order to find a weapon that can stop the witness. They discover that in order to save time itself, they will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

About 12 Monkeys - Season 4

James Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly embark on an adventurous journey in Season 4 of the show. As the tale goes, the only way to defeat the Witness is to find a powerful weapon. In the process of winning the final battle and saving time, they will have to give the ultimate sacrifice.

Features & Benefits

  • In Season 4 of the show, James Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly embark on an adventure thru time, with the goal of finding a weapon to stop the witness.
  • Their journey takes them back further in time than ever before, and they soon discover that they may have to make a great sacrifice in order to win the final battle.
  • This season promises an epic quest full of danger and excitement, with the fate of time itself at stake.

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12 Monkeys - Season 4