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On November 11th, 1916, a young photographer from Canada joins the Western Front in Europe. The same day, a German technician is told that his son is missing in action. They will discover the reality of war, crossing paths on the front and the rear, trying to preserve their humanity for their loved ones in the face of disastrous events. If they can come back, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, they will face the biggest decision of their lives.

About 11:11 Memories Retold

On the 11th of November 1916, a Canadian photographer and a German technician both set out to join the Western Front in Europe. However, the technician was informed that his son was missing in action. As they both experienced the realities of war, they crossed paths in the front and in the rear, struggling to protect their humanity for their family in the midst of the devastating events. On the 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918, they had to make the most difficult decision of their lives. This is the compelling narrative of the conclusion of World War One.

Features & Benefits

  • Experience the storey of two men during the end of World War One and how they cross paths on the front and in the rear.
  • Witness the struggle to preserve humanity during a disastrous event.
  • Discover the biggest decision they must make at 11am on the 11th Day of the 11th Month of the year 1918.

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11:11 Memories Retold