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Imelda May's new album is out now! Get it while it's hot!

About 11 Past The Hour

Imelda May has just released her highly anticipated new album! Fans of the Irish singer-songwriter will be thrilled to hear her signature sound on the new record, which features a mix of rock, jazz, and blues. The album is a collection of original songs that showcase May's soulful voice and her unique style. With this new album, Imelda May proves once again why she is one of the most talented and beloved artists in the music industry. Her voice and her music will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on listeners. From the upbeat rhythms to the heartfelt lyrics, this album is sure to be a hit. Get ready for an unforgettable listening experience with Imelda May's new album!

Features & Benefits of Imelda May's Album

  • Enjoy the latest music from Imelda May with her brand new album.
  • Discover a range of new sounds and styles from the acclaimed artist.
  • Experience the unique sound of Imelda May with her latest release.

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11 Past The Hour