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101 Classical


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This new collection features over one hundred classical favourites across five CDs! With over 60 composers featured, this album presents the rich majesty of the orchestra, the smooth delicacy of solo piano, rousing choruses, elegant dances and dazzling concertos. Stretching back over 500 years of classical masterpieces, 101 Classical is the collection that proves why this music has proved so popular for so long - quite simply, it's irresistibly good!

About 101 Classical

This new collection of 101 Classical pieces offers an extensive selection of classical music across five CDs. Featuring over 60 composers, this compilation showcases the breadth of classical music, from orchestral pieces to solo piano works, choruses, dances, and concertos. Spanning five centuries of masterpieces, 101 Classical is an excellent introduction to the genre, showcasing why it remains so beloved. Listeners will be able to enjoy works by composers such as Nimrod, Grieg, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams, and Vivaldi. With over one hundred classical favourites, this collection is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Features & Benefits

  • This collection brings together over one hundred classical favourites on five CDs, providing an overview of the world of classical music.
  • This album includes over 60 composers, featuring the majesty of the orchestra, the delicacy of solo piano, choruses, dances and concertos.
  • This collection spans 500 years of classical masterpieces, proving why this music has been so popular for so long.

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101 Classical