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100, The - Season 6


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After 125 years in cryosleep, our heroes wake up to a new home. Clarke and Bellamy lead a group down to this mysterious world to start anew, but not everything on Sanctum is as perfect as it seems. Despite their determination to do better, threats both seen and unseen will once again force them to fight for their lives and the future of humanity.

About 100, The - Season 6

It has been 125 years since Clarke and Bellamy were put into cryosleep, and now they have awoken to a new home. Sanctum is the place where they can attempt to rebuild their lives, but they soon discover that it is not as perfect as it first appeared. Despite their best efforts, they must face both tangible and intangible threats that could endanger their lives and the future of humanity. With courage and determination, they strive to create a better future for all.

Features & Benefits

  • The characters of Clarke and Bellamy lead a group of people to a new world, called Sanctum, to start a new life.
  • Sanctum is not without its dangers, and the characters must fight to protect themselves and humanity.
  • The storey follows the characters' journey after 125 years of cryosleep.

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100, The - Season 6