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10 Songs (Vinyl)


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Travis is a band that has sold millions of albums and has been the subject of an award-winning documentary. Their new album, "10 Songs" is a record about the way life comes at luv and what luv does to weather those challenges.

About 10 Songs (Vinyl)

Travis have been making music for two decades, and their latest album '10 Songs' is a testament to their longevity and skill. The album is a collection of heartfelt melodies, capturing the highs and lows of life and luv. Written and performed by Fran Healy, the tracks are a testament to his ability to craft timeless music. The album is a grown-up record, and an example of Healy's commitment to creating music in an 'antiquated way'. Healy is not alone in this approach, as the credits on many modern pop songs feature a multitude of writers. '10 Songs' is a reminder of the power of one person's songwriting, and the timelessness of the music that can be created.

Features & Benefits

  • Travis has sold millions of albums, with three million of The Man Who in the UK alone.
  • The band has been the subject of an award-winning feature length documentary.
  • Fran Healy's songwriting has been praised by Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Graham Nash.
  • The album '10 Songs' holds the listener in an emotional microclimate and is a grown-up record.
  • The tracks on the album carry an even load, with no passengers and nowhere to hide.
  • Fran Healy writes songs in an antiquated way.
  • He prefers ten songs written by one person over one song written by ten people.

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Vinyl records are a great way to preserve music for generations to come. Digital music can easily be lost or damaged, but vinyl records can last for decades if they are properly stored and cared for. Vinyl records also have a timeless quality to them that can’t be replicated with digital music. This makes them a great way to keep music alive for many years to come. Vinyl records are also a great way to show your appreciation for music and the artists who create it.

10 Songs (Vinyl)