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10 Cloverfield Lane


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Monsters come in many forms. Soon after leaving her fianc, Michelle is involved in a car accident. She awakens to find herself sharing an underground bunker with Howard and Emmett. Have they been saved from an apocalyptical event, as Howard & Emmett tell her, or are there other motives for her being held against her will?

About 10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle is suddenly involved in a car crash and wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two strangers, Howard and Emmett. Are they trying to protect her from a catastrophic event, or are their motives for keeping her there more sinister? The DVD for this movie includes special features such as commentary from the director and producer, Cloverfield Too Bunker Mentality, Duck and Cover Spin-Off, Kelvin Optical Fine Tuned, and End of Storey.

Features & Benefits

  • Commentary by Director Dan Trachtenberg and Producer J.J. Abrams to provide insight into the making of the movie.
  • Cloverfield Too Bunker Mentality Duck and Cover Spin-Off Kelvin Optical Fine Tuned End of Storey to provide an in-depth look at the characters and storey.
  • A unique look at an apocalyptic event and the motives behind it.

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10 Cloverfield Lane